Posted in March 2011

An Inspiring First Screening: Kimsooja’s “An Album: Hudson Guild” at The Moderns

The Moderns and More Art were honored to have so many inspired guests in our space on Friday night for the first ever screening of Kimsooja’s “An Album: Hudson Guild,” an Armory Show installation.

The artist’s exceptional piece was made even more poignant by her presence. Between the night’s two screenings, Kimsooja explained the personal significance of the piece (informed by the experience of watching her own father age) in great detail, adding considerable depth to what was already a complex work. Some attendees reported that having listened to the artist speak, they were inspired to sit for the second screening to soak in the film’s every nuance.

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Kimsooja’s “An Album: Hudson Guild” at The Moderns

In conjunction with More Art – a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and artists and society as a whole and on whose board Janine James, our President and Chief Creative Officer sits – The Moderns are hosting a screening of Kimsooja’s “An Album: Hudson Guild” this Friday, March 4, from 6pm to 8pm.

Under the patronage of More Art, Kimsooja created a video project with a group of senior citizens from the Hudson Guild Senior Center in Chelsea. The artist spent several days at the center and asked the residents about their lives, backgrounds, families, and memories. She spent time getting to know them, gaining their trust and support and then filmed them over a period of two weeks.

The shared memories and stories were personal. They expressed an intimate exchange between the artist and each of the sitters, therefore maintaining their confidentiality. The final video, “An Album: Hudson Guild,” is in fact silent. The images are charged with emotions that speak for themselves, resulting in a poignant and elegant work. The camera lingers for several minutes on each person, capturing his or her unique personality and attitude through the subtle changes visible in deep-lined and expressive features.

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