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Imagine the Next – Jondi Whitis

A very special thank you to Jondi Whitis for presenting at our weekly Imagine the Next series last Friday, May 20th. We were inspired by Jondi’s introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and enjoyed collectively learning and exploring the specific techniques of the medium.

EFT is an energy therapy that utilizes several acupuncture points on the body that are located on important nerve ending groups. With roots in ancient eastern medicine traditions, it has a very high success rate due to its elegant and simplified methodology. During EFT, a rating system is used to determine progress made over conquering stressful memories and triggers.

Jondi works and uses these methods with a variety of groups, from small children to returning veterans with post-tramautic stress disorder. She is a certified EFT Practitioner and we are so grateful for her visit and presentation.

Thank you Jondi!

Join us for the Founders Space New York Roundtable – Janine James Presenting

Please join us for The Founders Space New York May 2011 Roundtable tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 24th from 6PM-8PM. Tomorrow night’s topic is: Branding & PR for Start-ups.

Janine will be one of the presenters, along with David Barnum and Albe Zakes. Hosted by Launcht, this is the inaugural NYC Roundtable event. Roundtables are geared to founders and C-level executives of growth-oriented companies. The goal of these Roundtables is to discuss and explore critical issues and business opportunities among peers and industry experts.

Each Roundtable tackles a specific subject and the session begins by industry experts providing an overview of the Roundtable topic and detailed business advice.  After this overview, participants break into smaller groups, where participants can ask questions and receive advice and feedback from the panelists, advisors, and other founders.

If you’re planning on attending, please let us know:

To register for the Roundtable, click here.

You’re Invited! Imagine the Next with Jondi Whitis

Please join us this Friday, May 20th at 11:30AM for our weekly Imagine the Next at The Moderns. We are so grateful to have Jondi Whitis as our guest this week.

Her workshop is: The Anger Box (and Keys to Unlocking It).

As citizens of a modern, urban culture…Anger Happens. Everybody has it. But displaying it isn’t always allowed, or even desirable. So sometimes, we hide it. Sometimes we use it as armor or a weapon. Sometimes we won’t admit that we’re carrying it around. What’s that all about?

Join us for a surprising look inside the Anger Box this Friday. Find out how a remarkable energy technique can transform the stuff in the Anger Box into Creative Fuel (and of course we’ll have good conversation, laughter and some surprising information to start your weekend off right).

Jondi Whitis’ Bio:

Jondi has been in ‘creative expression’ for most of her life, taking on lots of costume and scene changes along the way, from Art to TV to the Art of Survival, and minor starring roles in between. Presently she works as an internet radio host and energy healthcare practitioner and loves it, presenting energy medicine’s transforming power to everyone who desires a better life. In particular, she loves working with kids who struggle to succeed, special interest groups, and the grassroots movement that provides PSTD relief to returning veterans. She can be reached at or A certified practitioner, she can be booked for private sessions, Intensives or Groups.

The workshop is at our office, 900 Broadway Suite 202, NY, NY 10003.

Slow Money Showcase – We Had A Blast


This past Saturday, The Moderns exhibited at the Slow Money Showcase in Brooklyn, New York at The Commons. The day featured presentations by ten entrepreneurs working to protect, preserve and enhance our food systems in sustainable and authentic ways.

For the past 20 years, The Moderns has been deeply committed to the environment, social equity, authenticity and food justice.We believe in the power of branding to bring critical masses of people to a great cause. Have you ever noticed that the products least healthy for people and the planet have the strongest, most recognizable brands? And that the products that are best for people and the planet have weaker, more obscure brands?

We aim to change that. The Moderns want to help the healthiest products compete with the most popular brands out there.

Some of you who were at the event may have also learned that The Moderns is trying to start an office-made movement. We brought our own office-made kombucha tea and compost gift bags to the event. A large bin was filled with our compost so that our visitors could experience the sight, smell and touch of our soil and we filled the compost gift bags individually upon request. In addition to our kombucha and compost, we also do our ow beekeeping, mushroom growing, and have hydroponics in the office. We believe that byimmersing ourselves in these things authentically, we can better understand our clients.

We are thankful for the many new like-minded friends that we made at the event and were inspired by the entrepreneur presentations. Janine participated in one of the afternoon’s panels: Making Your Dream Enterprise into a Real Business: Plan for Success. She shared thoughtful branding insights with the participants and exhibitors.

Thank you to all of our friends at Slow Money for hosting and organizing such an inspiring and important event! And thank you to the Brooklyn Commons and Building on Bond for hosting us during and after the event.

If you met us and would like to work with us, please let us know. We’d love to have you come by to visit our office and learn more about our work and what we can do for your brand.

Email us at:

The Moderns at Slow Money in Brooklyn

Brooklyn fans: Please visit our booth at the Slow Money Entrepreneur Showcase this Saturday, May 14th to voice your support for local farmers and food producers. We are working toward transforming New York City from a food desert to a place where healthy food is available to all.

Slow Money was founded to enhance food security and food access in local communities, across the country. By offering a new investment structure for food systems and farms, Slow Money allows for the growth of food access through its Soil Trust Fund.
The Showcase is at the Brooklyn Commons located at 388 Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill.  The showcase features over 20+ exhibitors as well as presentations by 10 innovative entrepreneurs. We are proud and excited to be sponsors and participants of such a worthwhile and inspriring event.

Janine is participating on the panel will be reviewing the accepted entrepreneurs by providing market feedback to help grow their businesses. As she has over 30 years of industry experience, we look forward to the ideas that she sparks throughout the day.

The rest of us will be at the booth from 1PM-6PM sharing our brand culture and also giving out complimentary bags of our in-house compost.

Hope to see you there! Make sure you stop by and say hi if you go.

To buy tickets click here.