Posted in September 2011

Office Made™ Mushrooms

With the motto “Sustainable is Delicious,” UC Berkeley grads Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora started the company Back to the Roots which sells grow-at-home, or grow-at-office, mushroom garden kits that can grow up to one and a half pounds of oyster mushrooms in ten days. The Moderns could not resist the urge of jumping in on this DIY trend and we’re now growing our second batch of delicious oyster mushrooms. Not only are the mushrooms easy to grow (only mist twice daily!) and yummy to eat, they’re also helping the environment; they’re grown on 100% used coffee grounds that would otherwise be piling up in land fills. For 2011 alone, Back to the Roots is well on the way to meet its goal of saving 1 million pounds of used coffee grounds from going to land fills. Back to the Roots is also helping spread the word about sustainability to the most influential generation, today’s children. If you buy a Back to the Roots mushroom kit and post a picture with your kit on their Facebook page, they will donate a mushroom kit to an elementary school of your choice. What better way to introduce sustainability to children? Back to the Roots says it best; “Easy. Fun. Delicious.”

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