Posted in May 2012

Happening at the Moderns: Spark* Speaker Series

The Power of Community

This week marked the first of (hopefully) many weeks of The Moderns hosting, in partnership with Green Drinks NYC, Spark* Speaker Series, a monthly round-table  with a focus on a specific environmental topic. This weeks’ focus was on the power of community, moderated in conjunction with ShopYourValuesWeek (, with speakers Juan Carlos (Founder of the White Roof Project), Anjie Cho (Founder of Holistic Spaces and Co-Leader of the EcoBiz program at the Lower East Side Ecology Center), and Phoebe Stern (Director of Operations of Forth Arts Block).

This particular topic really interests us, as The Moderns often finds itself working with communities, and we understand how different engaging a community towards a common goal can be as compared to the individual. Often, successful tactics in engaging an individual on an activist or environmental level, will not be sufficient to drive a community towards that same goal. Particularly due to the reality that different social groups of a community are driven by different means, i.e. social media versus face-to-face, it is important to research and engage with a community authentically and continually. We were happy to contribute and learn in the spirit of an engaging conversation with other thought leaders on this very nuanced topic.

We’re thrilled to co-host this series and can’t wait to discuss the future topics to be held. Of course, we hope to see many of you readers there as well!  You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook (via the links at the end of this post) to be up to date on all events happening at the Moderns.

From the Green Drinks and the Spark* Speaker Series website, : ”Since 2002, Green Drinks NYC has been hosting lively monthly networking events to connect and unite the environmental community of New York.  These events are friendly and upbeat.  Many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, and had moments of serendipity. It’s a force for the good spreading to over 800 cities around the world!”