Posted in July 2012

Happening at The Moderns:Yoga

Everyone at The Moderns has an acute sense of their self lately, as we wrap a 40-day program in movement-focused yoga. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we took an hour to step away from the natually hectic New York work environment we find ourselves in, to regain focus, balance and energy, all with the benefit of not having to leave the office.

Yaprak Buyukteoman, our instructor, guided us through the various poses that worked on re-balancing our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. The physical exertion made us more aware of our bodies and its limits, coupled with consistent breathing exercises with a goal on clearing the mind and regaining lost energy.  Finally, the mediative portion of the class, helped us wind down the week and re-center our creative juices.

We’ve had some experience with movement classes and yoga before, so while this is a great way to get a new perspective on yoga for us,  it also allowed us to help our instructor with coping with the unique difficulties that working in an office environment can be – like interruptions! The mutual collaboration between students and teachers made for an eye-opening, authentically collaborative experience for everyone!

It’s left us with a sense of calm that allows us to come together and truly be present in the day before us.  Namaste!