Mountain Valley Water

Considering all the chemicals and toxins the average person consumes in the course of a day, we at The Moderns take solace in knowing that that we keep only the most natural, organic food and beverages stocked for ourselves.  And it’s not just the mid-day snacks, we’re looking at with a critical eye, it’s everything from the quality of the air in the office space to the water in the water cooler.

That’s right, the water. And as we’ve come to learn, not all water is the same. From concern about BPA and other plastic chemicals that leak from bottles into water, to concern about the source of the water and the effectiveness of any filtration done to the water, we’re lucky to have a found a source of clean water that is environmentally sound and all natural – Mountain Valley Water (

Water is delivered to us bi-weekly in reusable glass waters, while old bottles are picked up for future use. Packaging is as minimal as possible, and the water, which comes straight from a natural spring in Fayetteville, AK, has naturally occurring traces of calcium, but includes none of the additives added by many other companies, like salt.

Maybe it’s just the summer heat, but knowing they we are quenching our thirst with a natural, sustainable source is refreshing!