AIGA’s Compostmodern

Janine James, The Moderns’ President and Chief Creative Officer, was a main-stage speaker at AIGA’s biennial Compostmodern Conference. Janine spoke about The Moderns multidisciplinary culture and values in her presentation, entitled “Living an Inspired Life,” which was later picked up by TreeHugger. Likewise, The Moderns’ work for Berry+ has recently been featured on several popular media sites including TrendHunter, The Die Line, Lovely Package , Inhabitat, and The Miami Herald.

For twenty years, Janine and The Moderns have been thought leaders in the realms of environmental, social, and economic innovation. As each of these movements evolved, we helped our clients understand that while PR and ad campaigns have their place in promoting environmental, social, and economic causes, the only way to truly evolve their brand cultures to changing realities is through innovation.

In short, competing in this rapidly changing world requires new ways of thinking & new ideas that lead to completely different ways of valuing, organizing, and measuring our work. This is why it is our firm belief that paradigm-shifting innovation is the most important ingredient to success in the new knowledge economy.

Under Janine’s leadership, The Moderns’ work has brought success to some of the world’s most influential and innovative brands, among them American Express, Planned Parenthood, Aveda, France Telecom, Sundance, Knoll Textiles and Shaw Industries. Our portfolio speaks volumesabout our award-winning solutions that build brand cultures, helping our clients spawn communities of loyal customers and ultimately grow their businesses.