AIGA’s Compostmodern

Janine James, The Moderns’ President and Chief Creative Officer, was a main-stage speaker at AIGA’s biennial Compostmodern Conference. Janine spoke about The Moderns multidisciplinary culture and values in her presentation, entitled “Living an Inspired Life,” which was later picked up by TreeHugger. Likewise, The Moderns’ work for Berry+ has recently been featured on several popular media sites including TrendHunter, The Die Line, Lovely Package , Inhabitat, and The Miami Herald.

For twenty years, Janine and The Moderns have been thought leaders in the realms of environmental, social, and economic innovation. As each of these movements evolved, we helped our clients understand that while PR and ad campaigns have their place in promoting environmental, social, and economic causes, the only way to truly evolve their brand cultures to changing realities is through innovation.

In short, competing in this rapidly changing world requires new ways of thinking & new ideas that lead to completely different ways of valuing, organizing, and measuring our work. This is why it is our firm belief that paradigm-shifting innovation is the most important ingredient to success in the new knowledge economy.

Under Janine’s leadership, The Moderns’ work has brought success to some of the world’s most influential and innovative brands, among them American Express, Planned Parenthood, Aveda, France Telecom, Sundance, Knoll Textiles and Shaw Industries. Our portfolio speaks volumesabout our award-winning solutions that build brand cultures, helping our clients spawn communities of loyal customers and ultimately grow their businesses.

Snow Storm Fail

We solutionists pride ourselves on being proactivite. So, when we heard that the snow storms that pummeled the much of the rest of the country were headed our way, we thought that we would use coming squall as an opportunity to create a time-lapse film.

Well, the storm never quite hit. Instead, we ended up documenting 48 hours of icy, wet drudgery. We are, nonetheless, proud to have captured two of Manhattan’s cruddiest winter days – and set them to the music of one of the 90′s…most interesting rappers.

Sometimes, it’s nice to be cooped up (especially in a space like ours).


Knoll Luxe Rodarte Photo Shoot

We recently saw Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, which we thought was a brilliant and exhilarating piece of cinema. The film, recently nominated for five Oscars, features costumes by Rodarte, which reminded us of a photo shoot we directed for the Knoll Luxe Rodarte Collection in our new space shortly before moving in.

Dorothy Cosonas, the Creative Director of Knoll Textiles and visionary behind the Rodarte collection, asked Janine James, our President and Chief Creative Officer, to personally serve as the shoot’s creative director. Supported by styling and creative input from The Moderns solutionists, Janine’s vision and uncanny ability to connect with Rodarte’s work came through with flying colors (and a few feathers here and there).

Below are some images from the shoot, taken by the extraordinarily talented David Sawyer. David and The Moderns have been worked together on projects for years, and the results of this shoot reflect the strength of Janine’s and his collaborative relationship.

You can explore more images from this shoot and others on our Facebook page.


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The Moderns’ Compost

One of the countless ways we Imagine the Next ™ at The Moderns is through composting. We compost everything from our expired leftovers to our organic banana peels and coffee grounds to our wilted flowers, recycling nutrients back into our home and rooftop gardens.

This week we’ve welcomed around a thousand additional employees to The Moderns, our red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) from the compost bins in the garden of Janine James, our President and Chief Creative Officer.

Following Will Allen’s method of vermicompost, we feed the first round of compost from our office to our little friends, who break the compost even further into a nutrient-rich fertilizer over the course of a few short months.

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“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you to everyone from Compost Modern 2011 for all your generous compliments on my speech yesterday.
The Moderns offer the following:

We have been doing multidisciplinary work in the environmental and social equity arena for major brands for twenty years. Our tsunami for change has taught us that we must be the change we want to see in the world. We are convinced that we cannot create massive change in the world if we don’t create massive change in ourselves and in the very cultural hive where we design this change. After all, dear fellow designers, “we da honey.”

Please join us in being the change we want to see in the world.